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When customers and workers are in a commercial building that has a functioning heating and cooling system, nobody really notices because they feel comfortable and at ease. And that’s the way it should be when you want your company to achieve success. However, if anything goes wrong with your heating and cooling system, everyone will definitely notice and your profits productivity will soon start to take a hit.

That’s why you should choose high-quality commercial HVAC services whenever you experience any problems with your heating and air conditioning. This is also why we work hard to provide quick and high-quality commercial HVAC repairs. We understand that time is critical whenever there are any problems with your commercial heating and air conditioning systems, so we will work you into our schedule as soon as possible to get your commercial HVAC system back to prime condition.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Best Owner Direct HVAC is Your One-Stop Solution for All Your Commercial HVAC Service Needs!

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Commercial HVAC System Installation

Of course, having a comfortable commercial space you can depend on starts with HVAC installation. Here at Best Owner Direct HVAC, we will assess your company’s needs for heating and cooling and provide the best commercial HVAC equipment for your commercial building. We offer top-tier products from trusted brands. Our fair and honest pricing ensures you’ll get a great quality commercial HVAC system at the best price possible, so you can create a comfortable commercial space while keeping your overhead costs down.

We also pride ourselves in offering affordable commercial HVAC installation services and work quickly to get your system up and running. This way, you can quickly check one item off of your to do list and focus on making your business thrive.

Make Best Owner Direct HVAC Your Partner for All of Your Commercial HVAC Maintenance and Repair Needs

Here at Best Owner Direct HVAC, we offer a vast array of commercial HVAC services that will cover everything you need in order to keep your heating and cooling system working smoothly for reliable internal climate control for your business. Not only can we install high-quality commercial HVAC equipment, but our expert technicians can also provide repairs and routine maintenance for a wide variety of types of heating and cooling systems from different brands. From furnace and heater repair to air conditioner repair, Best Owner Direct HVAC has all your commercial HVAC servicing needs covered!

  • Check compressor contacts
  • Check wiring connections
  • Check belts and pulleys for alignment and wear
  • Check for axial play in motor shafts
  • Check bearing conditions and bearing temperatures
  • Tighten contacts
  • Check indoor blower wheels for cleanness
  • Check condenser fan props for tightness and no cracks in the blades
  • Check inducer draft motors, burners, and igniters
  • Check all unit control boards
  • Clean all condensation traps and/or replace if failed
  • Check evaporator coils for cleanliness
  • Check economizers and outside air screens
  • Replace filters and date them
  • Check indoor blower and condenser motors for rated load amps per manufacturer’s data plates
  • Wipe down inside of units
  • Check condenser coils and brush off
  • Wipe down motors and compressors
  • Certified in heat pump commissioning
  • Keep all refrigeration ports and taps clean to facilitate finding future leak issues
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Get rebates up to $650 off a qualifying Daikin ductless system

Systems may also qualify for an additional Energy Trust of Oregon rebate from $500 to $1000 on single family homes and up to $2000 on rentals
offer valid now through November 15, 2020


Best Owner Direct HVAC is your local, independent, family-owned and operated, residential and commercial HVAC service, repair and installation team. We're a trade ally of the EnergyTrust of Oregon and our certified professionals offer services for all major brands. With over 20 years of experience, the team at Best Owner Direct can handle all of your commercial and residential HVAC needs.

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